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The Murray Baker bridge in Peoria, Illinois

Listen to the song -
Will it Play In Peoria © 2002

Everyone's probably heard the saying "Will It Play In Peoria." Now, the common phrase has a personality, and words. Listen to the creation of Jan Firmand and Julie Tudor in 2002, and feel free to hum it, sing it, enjoy it, turn it off, or whatever you'd like.

Gary Manuel with Mirror Image Duplication (seated) reviews the sheet music.

In the studio. . .

Gary Manuel, with Mirror Image Duplication in Bartonville, IL, reviews the Will It Play In Peoria sheet music before a recording session. Drummer Patrick Doody looks on.

Gary Manuel, where are you? You were a beacon of light for 2 deer in the headlights!

Not pictured is our vocalist, Mort, of East Bluff Music in Peoria. Many thanks to Jim and to Mort for your steady pipes. We'd love it if you emailed us your photo for this page.

Rich Creadore of the band Head East

Rich Creadore, of the legendary rock band Head East, plays bass. Thank you, Rich! Check out Head East's tour dates here.

Not pictured is Paul Hamilton, whose creativity on the bass was greatly appreciated. Paul's credits include working with the country music band, Brooks & Dunn.

Patrick Doody on the drums!

Patrick Doody, Steady now. . .

Patrick Doody keeps a steady beat on the drums. Good work, Patrick!

Jim Schwiegert on the keyboards.

And Jim Schweigert on keyboards!

Jim Schwiegert smiled and looked up just as the picture was taken.

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