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Membership Benefits

Every restaurant receives a basic listing, which includes the restaurant's address and phone number. An exterior photo will usually be provided in this area.

Restaurant or bar owners who wish to purchase a 365-day membership will gain immediate access to their own page on this site.

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The Spirit of Peoria sailing the Illinois River

As a member, you'll be able to:

1. expand upon your basic listing by adding and updating information to attract business,

2. enter your own entire or partial menu, along with prices,

3. enter any vegetarian or gluten-free menu choices that you may offer,

4. create a coupon for your customers to print,

5. add your own website link,

6. enter your live entertainment schedule,

7. enter any extra information in a text box area,

8. email us up to 6 extra .jpg or .gif photos and we'll resize and post them for you,

9. indicate to your customers whether or not you offer wi-fi internet access, a smoke-free environment, wheelchair access, brunch, and wine-tasting events,

10. enter your own special event menus, such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas menus,

11. view your # of individual page views and keep all of this information up-to-date around the clock by logging on with your username and password, and

12. provide a Google map (if available) of your restaurant's location.

Your new listing will be added to the appropriate dining category on the left, and also to the rotation on the top navigation bar under New Members for added exposure.

Reasonable pricing.

For an introductory price of $99 a year, (that's $8.25 a month!) you'll gain access to your existing page, and be able to add your information immediately.

Once your membership order has been placed, a link to your restaurant will appear at the top of the screen every time you sign in. Future modifications to your page, (anytime day or night) will be as easy as signing back on, clicking on your restaurant link, and editing your current information.

Master Card and Visa are accepted. Members will receive access for 365 days.

If you'd like to continue your advertising beyond the 365 days, you may purchase another 365 days beginning at 90 days before your current time expires. These 365 days will be added to your current days remaining, so that you won't lose any paid time. If you decide to let your ad days expire, your basic listing will remain, but your extra information will not be displayed. If your establishment closes or is sold, you may transfer your remaining ad days for the same restaurant to the new owner. No refunds will be given.

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