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Peoria Illinois Restaurants

Welcome to PeoriaRestaurants.com!

Thank you for visiting the most comprehensive restaurant website that Central Illinois has to offer! Whether you're searching for the perfect evening out, or a simply a good hamburger, you're at the right place! With 400 restaurants and bars, your dining and entertainment planning may be a bit easier.

Listings include not just Peoria restaurants, but restaurants within the Peoria, Illinois tri-county area, and beyond. Photos are added and updated regularly, so you can view the exterior of the restaurant before visiting. Don't miss our aerial map of member restaurants (under the Play In Peoria tab at the top), and google map links.

Because many of our website visitors have asked for restaurants who offer a gluten-free menu, or a vegetarian menu, we have modified the site to accomodate that information. So if you're a member restaurant, please sign on to update your page. If you're a customer, please visit our Diet page under the Play In Peoria Link above!

See what new dining choices are on the horizon at PeoriaRestaurants.com!

Looking for a new dining experience, or just a new place for a quick lunch?

See what new dining experiences are on the horizon. Browse the site, and search for live entertainment, coupons, or find the nearest restaurant via our aerial map. Whatever your dining pleasure, you'll have all this information at your fingertips.

If you know of a restaurant or lounge that you'd like to see added to our listings, please ask them to become a member, so they can post their menu, live entertainment, coupons, website, and any other special information.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, so feel free to email us!

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Restaurant and Bar Owners

Each restaurant receives a basic listing. Expanded listings may be purchased at a very reasonable price.

Restaurant and bar owners, you may become a member by signing in, and purchasing a 365-day membership. You'll be able to add and edit your entire or partial menu, your website link, food specials, prices, coupons, live entertainment schedule, photos, and more. Please sign in for more details. . .

Peoria Illinois Restaurants

Food For Thought!

From May, 2014 through December, 2014, our stats show 500,000+ page views on the site, with 116,294 individual IP visits. This reflects a 135% increase in page visits over sites of similar size that are listed on Google! Our one month statistics show 34,258 page views, with 9,838 unique visitors! As statistics have shown, the next highest activity on the site occurs around Easter and Mother's Day.

Our members who are receiving the highest number of page views within that time frame are Seven on Prospect, 2 Chez, Long John Silvers in Peoria, 2 Chez, and Alexander's Steakhouse. These restaurants are yearly members whose added information, such as coupons, live entertainment, brunch, wine tasting, and upcoming events, generate much higher traffic to their page.

So if your restaurant is not yet a member restaurant, create your log in, and sign up through the site!

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